Mobile Marketing


Marketing on phones is much like marketing on the computer because they both use the same thing and are connect in a way. By the internet. This is important because they two will cross paths but can both be utilized to help drive traffic to existing websites. Mobile marketing is a huge area that is only being touched upon and is fairly new to the marketing industry. This makes it anyone’s game and still much testing is being done in this area but can definitely be used to make some serious cash. People are already doing so and one example of this is MMA Global, otherwise known as Mobile Marketing Association. They offer tons of information about mobile marketing that could probably be useful to you if your just getting started or completely new to it.

Mobile marketing is great because people spend more time their phones than they ever have and spend more and more money on phones. Not to mention the fact that kids are beginning to use phones at a much younger age than they ever have. Of course things are bound to change, but given this change and the direction its heading in, mobile marketing can be a goldmine yet to be extracted.

mobileThe possibilities for marketing via mobile devices is endless in terms of ways to reach your customer. You can probably relate to this when i say the most common thing done on any hand held device is using social media. Social media has become a big role in marketing and with it being on phones and phones being convenient and easy to use at anytime this gives us an opportunity to cater to mobile users needs and wants. On the app store, you can make a simple app that can help people perform a task or keep track of a certain statistic. Something that will make them want to thank you. Something they might even be willing to pay for. The great things about apps is they can catch a great buzz and you’ll be able advertise to the users (which if you have a great product shouldn’t be an issue) whenever to use it.

You can even contact an already popular app owner and request they host an ad campaign for you but be sure to know what the app is and what type of people use it because that will play a big role in getting people to click on your advertisement over any other ones.

Optimizing For Mobile Devices

mobile-crazyOptimizing for mobile devices is much more different than for the computer for obvious reasons. The phone is a hand-held device that offers leisure and convenience. Not to mention the fact that more and more people are getting cell phones at younger and younger ages. Mobile phones can be used while walking, sitting, standing and even at school while computers are not. So making sure you cater to their wants and needs is very important when optimizing for mobile users.

Mobile optimization is making your website accessible to those of who are using mobile devices at the time of their visit. Now if you do no mobile optimization whatsoever then odds are anyone who visits your website will leave right away due to the level of confusion and difficulty they’ll face when trying to visit your site. So making it as optimized as possible will no doubt help your chances of getting a new customer.

Keep in mind, mobile optimization is very similar to your sites optimization itself so if your website is already optimized well, there aren’t many things you’re going to need to do in terms of improving current performance for mobile users. Something you must keep in mind is loading speed of your site and the pages within. With cell phones its as easy as one button to leave your page and nothing makes people click the back button sooner. A little goes a long way so search up some techniques on how to get your pages loader faster.

If possible avoid using Flash because the viewers phone may not support it so instead and just to be safe go with HTML5 to ensure nothing goes wrong when they visit your website.

Be considerate when making titles, subtitles, and texts because they must be able to fit comfortably on a mobile screen so the visitor doesn’t have to do much left right up down scrolling all over the place. Keep it simple and right to the point without sacrificing valuable information. If this isn’t possible then just don’t worry about it. It should be fine anyway.


If you’re trying to optimize for local searches than be sure to be as specific and accurate as possible with our sites meta data so Google knows exactly where you are and can validate it as unique and official. This will be important when someone goes to look for your company because it will give them the correct address to refer to.

With this all in mind, you need to optimize your website for future first page considerations for all of the search engines. Having your website  mobile optimized is an essential part to search engine optimization success.

Google Place Optimization


When you hear the term search engine, most likely the first thing that will have popped in your head is Google. This is the same thing for many others like you and the reason behind this is because google dominates the search engine category by a landslide. Other search engines like Bing! Are also very popular but no where near Google level. With this being said, you are going to really want to focus on making sure Google recognizes your business with complete accuracy so when it’s telling a client information to get a hold of you, they can do so with no problems what so ever.

If you browse Google for local business listing you’ll probably see them at the top and this i because they’ve successfully listed them and Google recognizes them as a proper, official business. When people see this they are much more likely to go to your website over the other ones that are listed below it.

First you’re going to want to make sure you have a Google account which you can easily make by going to Google and pressing Sign Up. Once your account is established go ahead and visit Google, “local business center” and you can just sign in with the account you just made. Now once you’re signed in you can “Add New Business” which essential lets you add a location for your business(es) so people can locate them easily and conveniently. If you have more than 10 locations you’re going to want to Upload a File and do so there. It’s important to make this accurate and to double check Google gets it correct because everyone makes mistakes (even robots).

The next box will ask you to add a description about your business. Be sure to add your main keywords  and thorough, right to the point explanation about what this potential customer needs to know about your business.


Once all is done with that you have to tell Google how you want people to find you and add relevant keywords to current listings. Once you get deeper into this you can begin adding and expanding but for now just get some stuff down to work with while you fix the kinks out.

The final step is validating it to let Google and customers know you are the owner of the business and someone else doesn’t get credit for it. You can do it via phone or email but its faster by the phone. You’ll receive the information necessary to confirm your listing and be ready to be seen on Google in no time